Welcome to FirstEDA, a highly experienced and responsive value-added distributor of Electronic Design Automation solutions and training in Europe.

Specialising in software and hardware solutions for electronics design and verification, we are committed to helping engineers be more productive through the use of the most appropriate EDA tools and methodologies, and through keeping their skills current.


We are experienced engineers. We are familiar with the technical design and verification challenges you face and we have a proven track record of leveraging EDA solutions to produce optimum results. Of equal importance in our fast-paced industry, we have an unequivocal understanding of the commercial and regulatory pressures engineering projects are under, which enables us to add value at the project management level.

Whether you’re targeting a small gate-count PLD or working on a System-on-Chip ASIC, we can equip you with cost-effective EDA tools, help keep your engineering skills up-to-date and provide technical support when you need it.