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Spec-TRACER is a unified requirements lifecycle management solution designed specifically for FPGA and ASIC designs. It facilitates requirements capture, management, impact analysis, traceability and reporting. Spec-TRACER seamlessly integrates with your HDL design and simulation tools and also integrates directly with IBM Rational DOORS.

For the safety-critical- or requirements-driven design of a programmable device or ASIC, one of the most important criteria is to demonstrate that all the system requirements are met within the design. You will also be required to show documentary proof of this, and that the requirements have been verified by your test cases.


Spec-TRACER is an extremely versatile management tool, designed specifically to help streamline the requirements engineering process, optimise the development cycle, improve collaboration and reduces risk and cost.

Features and Benefits

icons8-search-more-48 Change Impact Analysis

  • Know the impact of requirements changes before and after they occur
  • Know the exact number of projects elements that will be impacted


icons8-test-results-50 Test Results Management

  • Automatically trace and track test results including PASS/FAIL status, Code Coverage, Expression Coverage, PSL Coverage and SystemVerilog Functional Coverage
  • Cross navigate between test cases, simulation results, log files and waveforms


icons8-asterisk-filled-50 Documentation and Reporting

  • Generate daily, weekly or monthly reports
  • Create comprehensive reports to implement company standards and templates
icons8-check-document-48 Requirements Capture

  • Automatic import from MS Word or Excel via heading styles or tags including requirements ID, name, description, tables and pictures
  • Import FPGA/ASIC requirements from DOORS
  • Track changes mechanism to detect changes when re-importing documents
  • Traceability links between requirements, HDL code, test cases, testbench, log files and waveforms are established easily
  • Generate upstream/downstream traceability reports


FirstEDA have engaged with many of the leading Avionics, industrial control and medical companies in the UK and Europe. This experience allows us to aid our customers (working on DO-254, ISO-26262 and IEC 61508/61511 driven design) in integrating Spec-TRACER into their current development flows.


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David Clift, Applications Specialist, FirstEDA

“Today’s complex multi-board projects are built from a well-documented set of design/system requirements. From these design requirements, potentially thousands of board, FPGA and verification requirements flow… Therefore, it is vital that both engineers and management can easily associate a design requirement to its board requirement, and then on to its FPGA and verification requirements. They need to be able to see the pass/fail status from the verification runs. It is also highly important that this flow works both ways. This is why Spec-TRACER is so important, as it manages your FPGA design and verification requirements and links them to the actual verification results you are achieving.”

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