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DO-254/CTS is a fully customised hardware and software platform that augments target board testing to increase verification coverage by test and to satisfy the verification objectives of DO-254/ED-80.


The target design runs at-speed in the target device which is mounted to a custom daughterboard. A simulation testbench is used to produce test vectors enabling requirements-based testing, with 100% FPGA pin-level controllability and visibility necessary to implement normal range and abnormal range tests.

The FPGA testing results are captured at-speed and displayed using a simulator waveform viewer for advanced analysis and documentation.

This platform facilitates the at-speed, in-hardware verification of designs intended for use in safety-critical aerospace applications; and which must comply with DO-254. The clever re-use of simulation testbenches to produce test vectors is a real benefit too.

Features and Benefits

  • At-speed testing in target device
  • Reuse testbench as test vectors
  • Increase verification coverage by test
  • FPGA I/Os full visibility/controllability
  • Early access to FPGA hardware board for device testing
  • For use with Altera, Lattice, Mircrosemi and Xilinx devices
  • Supports FPGAs with serial high speed I/Os (ARINC 818, PCIe, DDR3 and LVDS)
  • Single environment to verify all FPGA level requirements
  • Automated in-hardware testing
  • Hardware testing results visualisation with waveform viewer
  • Integration with third party RTL simulator, synthesis and P&R tools

DO-254/CTS has been used by leading aerospace companies for certification with EASA & FAA and FirstEDA are very proud to have supported key programmes for the Airbus A350. Working with Aldec we are able to provide custom hardware with the flexibility needed for a live programme. Using the vectors from simulation and our VT tool, the programmed device can be setup and validation started in the first week from delivery of the hardware.


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Julian Lonsdale, Director, FirstEDA

“DO-254/CTS is a fully customised hardware and software platform that increases verification coverage by test for it’s users. To ensure your FPGA satisfies the verification objectives of DO-254/ED-80, the system allows you to do at-speed testing in target device and provides a single environment to verify all FPGA level requirements.”

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