FirstEDA promotes and supports an extremely complementary mix of EDA solutions. Each solution is geared towards improving engineering efficiency and is suitable for use in our fast-paced industry.


FPGA Design & Verification

We promote, support and can provide training for a number of highly efficient and cost-effective solutions for FPGA design and verification. These solutions provide excellent views over and into your designs and automate essential tasks.

Functional Verification
/ FV

Due to the complexity of today’s designs, effective verification is an essential requirement in ensuring rapid detection and rectification of issues early in the design cycle. Whatever techniques you use to functionally verify your latest design, be it HDL simulation or formal methods, we have the tools and methodologies that you require to succeed.

Requirements Management

In our experience, adopting a manual approach to Requirements Management is very time consuming and often leads to inefficiencies in the design process. An automated and relational approach is an excellent way to ease the process, whilst adding a new level of confidence that the requirements have been implemented, verified and reported sufficiently.

DO-254 / Safety Critical

From DO-254 and EN-80 for the aerospace industry, to ISO-26262 in the automotive; requirements driven design and traceability are key when it comes to safety critical design. Defined methodologies and tools are essential in managing such designs successfully; Because of this we offer a number of tools and solutions that are specifically intended to aid in design and verification for safety critical and mission critical applications

Hardware Assisted Verification
/ HW-V

We promote the use of FPGAs for hardware assisted verification. The use of standard parts from FPGA vendors enables a scalable system that is cost effective for use in FPGA verification, software development platforms (such as hybrid virtual prototypes) and system-level pre-silicon regression testing. As well as providing off-the-shelf systems we support in-house developed FPGA boards through Aldec consulting.


Running an ASIC or SoC design on an FPGA prototype is a reliable way to ensure that it is functionally correct. We offer various FPGA Prototyping solutions and provide on-site support and consulting, to enable rapid deployment of these solutions.

ASIC Design & Verification

We offer solutions for the development and verification of ASICs. This covers traditional simulation based techniques as well as the use of static and formal based methods. Due to our own individual backgrounds, our team has specialist knowledge of ASIC Design and Verification which when coupled with that of our suppliers, allows us to provide valuable and independent guidance.


As engineers ourselves, we appreciate the many challenges electronics designers face, challenges that include: coping with increasing design complexity; the growing need for a comprehensive IP re-use methodology; and meeting the evolving certification requirements present within heavily regulated industry sectors.