Riviera-PRO - FirstEDA
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Advanced Verification Platform / FPGA / FV / ASIC

Riviera-PRO addresses the verification requirements of engineers targeting large gate-count FPGAs, ASICs and System-on-Chip devices. It gives engineers the ultimate testbench in terms of productivity, reusability and automation; all by combining a high-performance simulation engine with advanced debugging capabilities (at different levels of abstraction).

Riviera-PRO is a high performance, high capacity, multi-language simulator that provides a unified debug environment for VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog, SystemC and PSL. The core simulation engine includes advanced simulation optimisation for both VHDL & Verilog simulation.


As well as supporting traditional HDL verification techniques, Riviera-PRO provides advanced analysis and debug capabilities for UVM and TLM verification methodologies.


Riviera-PRO provides project and workspace capability as well as script-based operation for compilation and simulation.


Riviera-PRO is an extremely capable EDA tool, with all the features that you would expect to see on a high-end verification tool.


High Performance Simulation

  • Extensive simulation optimisation algorithms to achieve the highest performance in VHDL, Verilog/SystemVerilog, SystemC, and mixed-language simulations
  • Industry-leading capacity and simulation performance enable high regression throughput for developing the most complex systems
  • Complete support for the latest Verification Libraries, including Universal Verification Methodology (UVM)


Advanced Debugging

  • Integrated multi-language debug environment allows the automating of time-consuming design analysis tasks and fixing bugs quickly
  • UVM Toolbox, UVM graph, Class Viewer, Transaction streams and data to allow visual mapping and debugging of designs based on OVM/UVM class libraries
  • Built-in debugging tools provide code tracing, waveform, dataflow, FSM window, coverage, assertion, and memory visualization capabilities
  • Comprehensive Assertion-Based Verification (SVA and PSL) for increased design observability and decreased debug time
  • Advanced Code and Functional Coverage capabilities and Coverage analysis tools for fast metric-based verification closure
  • Efficient verification flow with user-defined test plan linking with coverage database
  • Plot viewer and Image viewer tools for visual representation of large arrays of data.


Industry’s Best ROI

  • Riviera-PRO enables Aldec customers to deliver innovative products at a lower cost in a shorter time
  • Features partnerships and integrations necessary to build complete design and verification flows
  • Deployment of any Aldec solution is accompanied by comprehensive training and support
FirstEDA is extremely familiar with Riviera-PRO. We have considerable hands-on experience having supported users – verifying FPGA, ASIC and SoC designs – for several years. Working with our customers we have experience of deploying Riviera-PRO on leading-edge FPGA programmes, using advance VHDL techniques such as OSVVM functional coverage and SystemVerilog UVM constrained random tests.