PR: Aldec Delivers DO-254 Compliant Environment with the Latest Release of Spec-TRACER

Aldec Delivers DO-254 Compliant Templates and Checklists with the Latest Release of Spec-TRACER

Aldec today announced the latest release of its requirements lifecycle management solutions for FPGAs/SoCs, Spec-TRACER™ 2016.12. This release provides industry-proven certification document templates and review checklists for the development of FPGAs in DO-254 programs.


Organizations new to DO-254 often find it difficult to begin a new DO-254 program without a baseline of the required documents and review checklists, and organizations experienced in DO-254 seek to improve their existing baselines due to lessons learned from previous programs. Aldec’s data package, developed by an FAA Consultant DER through many years of auditing several DO-254 programs with design assurance level (DAL) A, B, C and D FPGAs, provides significant value to both new and experienced DO-254 practitioners.


“Having access to industry-proven templates and checklists in a document file is beneficial, but having a single tool environment where multiple stakeholders can systematically capture, manage versions, conduct reviews and generate reports via batch is a key to success in a DO-254 program,” said Louie De Luna, DO-254 Program Manager. “We have introduced the templates and checklist into Spec-TRACER to simplify management and generation of DO-254 life-cycle data.”