Press Release: OneSpin CEO Gives Visionary Talk and Insights on the Challenges Facing Design and Verification with the Onset of Artificial Intelligence and the RISC-V Era




Munich, Germany – Dr. Raik Brinkmann, President and CEO of OneSpin Solutions, the provider of certified IC integrity verification solutions for building functionally correct, safe, secure and trusted integrated circuits, will participate at two European industry events to discuss the new challenges facing design and verification with the onset of Artificial Intelligence and the RISC-V era.


On Wednesday, November 6, at EDACentrum 2019, being held in Berlin, Germany, Dr. Brinkmann will present a session titled: Artificial Intelligence in Hardware Design – Opportunities and Challenges for Designs and Tools.  In his session, Dr. Brinkmann, using examples from industry, will highlight the new challenges being presented for design and verification of functional correctness, security and trustworthiness in systems with the onset of AI and machine learning applications.


On Thursday, November 14, at SEMICON Europa in Munich, Germany, Dr. Brinkmann will participate on an executive panel moderated by James Hogan of Vista Ventures, LLC.  The panelists will discuss, The Risk of Obsolete Design and Verification Environments in the RISC-V Era.  For information on how OneSpin can help with RISC-V verification, download the white paper “Assuring the Integrity of RISC-V Cores and SoCs”.