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Article: Enabling The RISC-V Ecosystem

June 27th, 2019 – By: Tom Anderson



Industry initiatives are critical factors for processor family success.


Earlier this year, OneSpin’s Sven Beyer discussed the emerging RISC-V processor and some of its verification challenges. He stated that “RISC-V is hot and stands at the beginning of what may be a major shift in the industry.” In the few intervening months, it has become even more apparent that RISC-V is fundamentally changing system-on-chip (SoC) development. Dozens of commercial and open-source implementations of processor cores are available, and millions of SoCs have already shipped with embedded RISC-V processors. Two industry groups have been established to promote RISC-V and help grow the ecosystem of hardware, software, tools, and services.


For this post we’re taking a step back from the technical details to discuss these activities and the role that OneSpin is playing.