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From many years of dealing with engineers directly, we understand the importance of proper training — there is no point in having the tools and technology if your engineers are not fully proficient.

Language & Methodology
As a European company supporting European customers, we are committed to VHDL. Our Language and Methodology training currently consists of a 3 part series  for VHDL users, starting with basic language training, up to advanced level verification.

Our partnership with specialist training company SynthWorks has enabled us to leverage the knowledge of one of the industry’s leading VHDL experts, Jim Lewis. Whether you are starting to use VHDL for the first time or if have experience, we have suitable training for you.

VHDL for FPGA Designers
2-Day Instructor-led language training

The instructor-led training course provides a thorough background in the use and application of synthesisable VHDL in digital hardware design.

Intermediate VHDL
3-Day Instructor-led language training

Ready for the next step? For those already familiar with VHDL (either through introductory training or self-taught), this course will broaden knowledge and enforce competency through application.

Advanced VHDL Testbenches & Verification
Instructor-led Verification training series (5 days total)

Developed and delivered in person by VHDL specialist Jim Lewis, this is ideal for device (PLD/FPGA/ASIC) designers who are looking to improve their verification skills.

Tool Proficiency
You need to know how to use tools and solutions fully in order to maximise the investment made. We are very experienced at delivering tool training and able to drill into the areas that you need to focus on in order to meet the required standards.

We offer training for all of our products, which ranges from online ‘jump-start’ sessions to 3 day instructor-led workshops.

FPGA Design & Verification in Active-HDL
2-Day Instructor-led tool training

A general introduction to Aldec’s class-leading Active-HDL FPGA design creation and simulation platform. Once completed, the engineer will be able to create and manage new FPGA designs, run simulations, analyse results and debug their work.

Tool Training

ALINT-PRO is an advanced Design Rule Checking Solution, that features a highly customisable framework and configurable rule sets. In order to ensure that you get the most from the tool we provide training, from online ‘jump-start’ sessions to on-site courses.

Aldec Riviera PRO
Tool Training

Riviera-PRO is an extremely capable high performance solution, with all the features that you would expect to see on a high-end verification tool. We have been supporting Riviera-PRO users for almost 10 years and training is an important part of this support. We want to ensure that you are as productive as possible with the tool.

Aldec Spec-TRACER
Tool Training

Spec-TRACER is designed specifically to help streamline the requirements engineering process, optimise the development cycle, improve collaboration and reduces risk and cost. Although an intuitive solution, we offer both online and on-site training options, which will ensure that these objectives are achievable.

Concept Engineering
Tool Training

We have a long standing relationship with Concept Engineering, and have been selling their tools and supporting their customers for over 10 years. As with all of our tools and solutions, we have various training options available.

OneSpin Solutions
Tool Training

We work closely with OneSpin Solutions and play a key role in co-ordinating post-sales technical support. We can provide full training for OneSpin 360 users, for both device design and dedicated verification engineers.

Tool Training

The Sigasi environment is, by design, a very intuitive solution for anyone with experience of HDL text editors. We enjoy a close relationship with Sigasi and have access to a wealth of resources for Sigasi users including training.