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Article: Rapid Evolution For Verification Plans

October 28th, 2019 – By: Brian Bailey



While many companies do have verification plans, demands on those plans are changing faster than most companies can evolve.



Verification plans are rapidly evolving from mechanisms to track verification progress into multi-faceted coordination vehicles for several teams with disparate goals, using complex resource management spread across multiple abstractions and tools.


New system demands from industries such as automotive are forcing tighter integration of those plans with requirements management and product lifecycle development. As a result, today’s verification plan must encapsulate the entire development methodology.


“Verification has become a massive challenge,” says Colin McKellar, vice president of verification platforms for Imagination Technologies. “The big shift we have seen fairly recently is that the planning needs to be more aligned with the product requirements, be that requirements from a safety point of view or product requirements. It includes asking questions such as, ‘Does my software run well on this device?’ It is no longer hardware verification. It is product validation.”