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Sigasi Studio


The Sigasi Studio platform was developed specifically to make HDL design easier and more efficient. It is based on the Eclipse platform and brings the same kind of real-time code checking assistance that software engineers have enjoyed for years firmly into the hardware arena.

The IDE ensures that you are writing syntactically correct VHDL – as you type it – by highlighting errors and suggesting corrections. Accordingly, it drastically increases your productivity by helping you write, inspect and modify your designs in a very intuitive way.In addition, Sigasi Studio provides Block and State Machine Diagram, as well as Documentation Generators, which automatically interpret your design as it is being built.


By automating not only syntax checks but also the generation of design views and documentation, Sigasi Studio enables you to spend more time on the creative, enjoyable and rewarding aspects of your work.


  • Type-time syntax check. As easy as a spell checker.
  • Type-time linting. Code rules automatically checked as you type.
  • Powerful code browsing. Everything is a hyperlink.
  • Code skeleton generation. Component instantiations with just a few key strokes.
  • Net search. Find loads and drivers at RTL code level.
  • Mixed Language HDL Support. Work with mixed VHDL / Verilog projects
    • Navigate from one language to the other
    • Search across language borders
    • Hover to see inline documentation
  • Code style check. Naming conventions.
  • Integration with Aldec ALINT-PRO. For Advanced Linting/Design Rule Checking.
  • Integration with VUnit testing framework. For writing tests easily and frequently.
  • Automatic interactive diagrams. State Machine Diagrams and Block Diagrams
  • Automatic documentation generation. Export to PDF

When working on complex design ideas or algorithms, getting VHDL syntax correct can be distracting and, if the code compiles with several errors, disheartening. Sigasi Studio’s on-the-fly error checking allows you to produce right first time code, as it starts debugging your code even before you compile it. Also, the ability to build your naming conventions into the code creation tools takes another worry away from you.