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SpiceVision PRO

design visualisation & debugging of SPICE files / ASIC

SpiceVision PRO takes SPICE netlists and models and generates clean, easy-to-read transistor-level schematics, circuit fragments and design documentation in order to accelerate circuit design, circuit debugging and circuit optimisation.


While SPICE circuits and models are used extensively in EDA, they can be difficult to interpret. SpiceVision PRO helps designers by generating circuit schematics on screen and speeds up the debugging of digital circuits, mixed-signal ASICs, analogue circuits, PCBs and MEMS.

  • Creates schematics from SPICE files – These provide easier and faster debugging for complex circuits. Supported dialects include SPICE, HSPICE, Spectre, Calibre, CDL, DSPF, SPEF, Eldo, PSPICE and IBIS.
  • 64-bit support (Solaris, AIX, AMD64 Linux, Itanium Linux) – Higher performance and increased capacity, for larger and more complex designs.
  • Automatic Logic Recognition – Creates digital logic symbols and schematics from pure SPICE netlists for easy design exploration.
  • Powerful GUI – Multiple views, including tree, schematic, cone and source file for increased circuit understanding plus drag and drop between different views.
  • Cone Window – Incremental schematic navigation for big designs, SPICE netlist export.
  • Non-Parasitic view – Displays CMOS function without parasitic structures for comprehension of circuit.
  • Tcl UserWare API – Allows interfacing with tool flow and user customisation.
  • Fragment save – Fragments of circuits can be saved as Spice files for future reuse as IP, or for partial simulation (SPICE netlist writer).
  • Schematic export option – Export schematics and schematic fragments into Cadence Virtuoso Schematic Editor and EDIF 2.0.0 schematic files for further optimisation and debugging.
  • Predefined symbols – Symbols for components (resistors, capacitors, transistors, current and voltage sources etc.) supplied as standard; can link to external symbol libraries.
In our experience, in all but the most trivial designs, Spice files are difficult to read and understand. SpiceVision PRO generates circuit schematics on screen, speeds up debugging and helps to solve design problems in Digital Circuits, Mixed-Signal ASICs, Analog Circuits, Printed Circuit Boards and MEMS.